Teyneg Soluciones de Movilidad

This service provides mobility solutions with the objective of make the business clients reachable anywhere.

We believe that mobility is the core of the next business transformation and the principal element for adding value to a company.

Our solutions increase performance in enterprises by moving the information of our transactional system to mobile devices, allowing access to it from anywhere,  diminishing internal process time and increasing knowledge management.

Our solutions allow moving digital marketing strategies to mobile devices.

Teyneg Mobility Offering: IOS and Android

Mobility Consulting

Teyneg Mobility Consulting provides expert services to develop internal mobility services in your organization. With this service we advice to clients on how to drive their mobility strategies.

Mobility applications

Development of cross company applications. Teyneg mobility development services make use of the most modern agile technologies to obtain the best results. We support developing of native applications for smartphones.

Mobility integration services

This service provides integration between mobile devices and transactional systems. We have the knowledge to integrate ERP, CRM with mobility systems.

Services linked to Digital Marketing

Teyneg contributes to transforming the traditional web to be accessible by mobile devices.

Mobility solutions for Cities

Mobile applications to find out all information regarded to a city that allows a direct interaction between citizens and cities.

Mobility Solutions based in IOS and Android Platforms

We have the knowledge to develop mobile applications to be used in a wide variety of smartphones and tablets.