We develop ISP to determine an organization’s portfolio of computer-based applications that will help it achieve its business objectives.

Our methodology for this stages:

Identification of strategic goals, business, and IT systems, and planning process objectives

Identification of strategic business objectives, strategic IS objectives, planning horizon, business processes, IT systems, relevance to the strategic planning process. Project organization and project plan development.

Analysis of business systems, organizational systems, IT systems, external business environment, and external IT environment

Analysis of business goals, a functional description of business processes, identification of inefficiencies, diagnosis of current business processes, organizational analysis, analysis of IT goals, an audit of IT systems, analysis of external business and IT environments.

Scanning the future, identification of alternative scenarios, and scenario elaboration

Identification of strategic opportunities, competitive advantage/performance advantage, structure strategic opportunities into coherent scenarios, evaluation of the strategic impact of solutions, evaluation of the technological impact of solutions, determination of scenarios to be formulated.

Formulation of business and IT architecture

Description of business processes, the creation of a business process model, creation of business data model, refinement of business architecture. Formulation of logical architecture (actors, sites, operations), formulation of physical architecture, refinement of technical architecture.